Program Summary

ProjectNext Leadership is going on the road in 2024 with our new public program: “Enterprise Leadership: Maximizing Your Lateral Agility,” available in San Francisco, Southern California, NYC, and London.

We developed our “Enterprise Leadership” program because our research shows that the most high performing leaders devote 50% of their time to working across departments––they demonstrate what we call “Lateral Agility.” But leaders seldom receive adequate support to understand how to build this skill to solve enterprise challenges collaboratively.

Designed specifically for Directors and Senior Directors whose role requires cross-enterprise influence and collaboration, this program focuses on enhancing leaders’ ability to achieve high-profile projects through strong cross-department relationships.

Participants & Format

Leaders will kick off the program by taking our pivotal Lateral Agility Assessment, followed by a personalized debrief with an expert coach. A key feature of this hybrid experience is a full-day, in-person intensive, fostering cross-company insights and networking, while building individual lateral leadership capability that they can immediately apply back on the job.

  • Open to Directors & Senior Directors
  • Exclusive to 20 leaders per session
  • Hybrid format with in-person sessions and personalized coaching
  • Available in San Francisco, Southern California, London, and NYC

Key Outcomes

By the end of this experience, leaders will:

  • Understand the importance of lateral leadership and how to tangibly put it into practice
  • Know their own strengths and derailers specific to leading across their enterprise
  • Enhance their ability to lead beyond direct lines of authority
  • Better understand that their success requires going beyond their own expertise and necessitates collaboration across departments and geographies
  • Have built a cross-enterprise and cross-company network of peers with similar challenges + experiences
  • Be better equipped to cascade cross-enterprise leadership with their teams and peers

What People Are Saying

Before this program, I understood the concept of enterprise leadership and thinking on behalf of the organization, but the HOW to do it wasn’t very clear. Now we have the tactical ways to put enterprise leadership into practice.

Sr. Director, Biotech Industry

This program helped me work through how to execute on enterprise leadership and bring it together. Linking individual priorities to team priorities to function priorities to enterprise priorities. There was an “Ah-hah” for me. Now I can really think about prioritization and what I do day-to-day to support those larger priorities.

Executive Director, Biotech Industry

2024 Dates & Locations

San Francisco:
Kickoff Session – March 12th at 3pm PST
Full-day Session – April 18th 8:30am – 5pm PST, hosted at DocuSign

Southern California: May – June

London: August – September

NYC: September – October

Program Experience

Program Kickoff
60 minute virtual session to introduce the program experience and build cross-company relationships

Lateral Agility Assessment
Peer and self-assessment to pinpoint strengths and derailers specific to cross-enterprise leadership

Focused on key stakeholder feedback to gain awareness of their impact on others and insights on where to focus their time and effort to build critical cross-enterprise relationships

Personalized Coaching
1:1 executive coaching session to debrief assessment and provide individualized strategies and insights

1-Day Intensive
Full day, in-person session to dive deep into the mindsets, skills and behaviors required for lateral leadership with a focus on real-world application and cross-company sharing

Lateral Agility Toolkit
Toolkit to enable participants to immediately cascade concepts learned with their own teams and cross-enterprise partners, creating a ripple effect beyond the program

Session Topics

Our in-person intensive features topics such as:

• What is Lateral Leadership?
• Taking Back Time for Relationship Building
• How to “Win Together”
• How to Bust Silos
• Managing Difficult Conversations With Key Stakeholders

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