Executive Coaching

Not all executive coaching firms are the same. Here is what makes us different:

Our Clients. We work with company founders, CEOs and other C-Suite executives from some of the best-known global brands in fast-paced industries — including technology, biotech, finance, and consumer product goods — to improve performance or prepare for mission critical, corporate transformation. We prepare leaders to solve complex, dynamic problems key to an organization’s success.

Our Coaches. Our team of world-class coaches brings deep experience to develop senior leaders, leveraging their own corporate leadership experience. Our team include individuals with decades of hands-on corporate experience in a variety of high-growth industries, advanced degrees in various business disciplines, proficiency in multiple behavioral and communication assessment tools, and a range of personal and cultural perspectives. Drawing from this diverse team, we can offer the right fit for your specific needs. 

Our Focus. Through our experience and research, we know what it takes to excel in senior leadership roles. We develop leaders with these capabilities in mind while making the best use of their limited time for maximum impact.

Our Approach. Each coaching relationship is unique. Our approach is designed to maximize your time to focus on tangible results. That said, every engagement includes several key steps, including initial assessments, goal setting, midpoint feedback, and a structured framework that focuses progress on achieving key specific goals. 

Our Tools. We integrate a number of analytical tools to accelerate progress. Examples include deploying our 360 assessment specifically designed for leaders in senior-level roles, measuring stakeholder engagement, evaluating team performance, and providing effective decision-making frameworks.

Whether participating in one-on-one coaching sessions or an executive group accelerator program, our approach recognizes the unique challenges facing those who take on these important roles. 

Accelerators and Executive On Boarding

Leadership transitions aren’t easy, even for the most experienced leaders. Expectations are high, as the organization demands speed to productivity, workgroup transformations, and stellar results to justify succession planning decisions. Many leaders jump into new roles with verve but without a clear strategy for a fast start and long-term success. These leaders don’t need traditional training. They do need concentrated support to identify their starting point, craft a plan for success, and take action.

Leadership Accelerator engagements combine a proven structure and tools with individualized insights and an intensive development experience. Our coaching teams help leaders in new roles or about to move into new roles:

  • Understand their strengths and development priorities
  • Establish stronger relationships with strategic stakeholders
  • Solidify who they are as leaders and clarify the impact they want to make
  • Prioritize their time and effort for quick wins and long-term success
  • Cultivate personal resilience as they gain traction in their new roles 


The benefits to your organization – Reduced turnover of leadership talent, accelerated results, and increased bench strength.

This experience felt like CEO Bootcamp - helping me prepare for my first six months on the job. I think the process also brought some stuff to the surface that otherwise wouldn't have been clear. As a result, we will be better for it.
CEO, Public Tech Company

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