Executive Coaching

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Accelerator experiences for leaders at pivotal moments

Cohort Development

  • Customized cohort development programs and ‘quick win’ modules
  • Open enrollment programs for targeted groups 

Succession Planning

  • Review and optimization of succession planning process
  • Support succession decisions through executive assessment

Senior Team Performance

  • Senior team sessions to drive alignment and collaboration
  • Team accelerators to launch a newly formed team

Executive Coaching

There are a lot of executive coaching firms in the market. This is what makes us different:

Our Coaches. We have a team of world-class coaches who bring deep experience in developing senior leaders and leveraging their own corporate leadership experience.

Our Focus. Through our research, we know what it takes to excel in senior leadership roles, and we develop leaders with these capabilities in mind.

Our Approach. We include key steps such as assessments, manager check-ins, mid-point feedback, and a structured framework that focuses progress on key goals.

Our Tools. We integrate a number of analytical tools to accelerate progress. Examples include our 360 assessment for leaders in senior-level roles, stakeholder engagement, team evaluation and decision-making frameworks.

Accelerators and Executive On Boarding

By investing focused time and attention on priorities, key relationships, and their leadership approach, executives increase the speed at which they can prepare for a future role, successfully transition into a new role, or build additional traction in an existing role.

A coaching team facilitates a structured experience (individual or group) to create a comprehensive strategy and action plan for success in the role. 

Ongoing coaching ensures accountability against and execution of the plan.

This experience felt like CEO Bootcamp - helping me prepare for my first six months on the job. I think the process also brought some stuff to the surface that otherwise wouldn't have been clear. As a result, we will be better for it.
CEO, Public Tech Company

Cohort Development

We partner with clients to design and deliver practical, engaging, and innovative group development experiences (in-person and virtual) that leverage our expertise on what senior leaders need most and are customized for the unique needs of your organization.  

Interactive sessions on topics such as stakeholder management, leadership communications, and inclusive decision-making.

In addition to cohort sessions, programs typically include

  • 360 leadership assessment
  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching

Multi-company Public Programs

Offered throughout the year, our virtual programs bring together leaders from different organizations to invest in their self-awareness, expand their capabilities, and strengthen their networks within a community of leaders who share common business challenges and personal experiences. Check our events page for more information about upcoming offereings. 

It is impossible to overstate the importance of having the opportunity for these leaders to learn together without having to code-switch, cover or explain themselves.
Client Sponsor of HIgh Impact Leadership Program for Black Leaders

Succession Planning

Succession planning consulting: A quick and comprehensive review of each aspect of an organization’s succession process to evaluate its effectiveness and create a roadmap to develop a more robust and diverse leadership pipeline. We partner with clients to understand their current state, evaluate their process against leading practices, and recommend specific upgrades.

Succession decision support: An objective process to help companies prepare and select the right leaders for high-impact roles.

  • Defining leadership role expectations
  • Rigorous leadership assessment of potential successors
  • Recommended development for key candidates
  • An objective perspective on candidate selection

Succession Planning that works

The key to a good succession planning process is simplicity, practicality, and clarity. Here is how we do it.

Your work around succession planning opened our board's eyes. It's changed everything.
CEO, Public Retail Company

Senior Team Performance

We partner with senior teams to accelerate their performance as both individuals and a collective. 

Common situations we address

  • Misaligned team
  • Inefficient ways of working
  • New team leader
  • New team formation


Outcomes we drive

  • Increased alignment and clarity
  • Improved team ways of working and collaboration
  • Accelerated team productivity
  • Clear action and accountability plan
As a result of our work with ProjectNext, our executive team is more cohesive and has a better understanding of each other. We are now more able to leverage each other's strengths, and we are making higher-quality decisions as a team. As a result, we have the trust needed to collaborate effectively, especially remotely.
CHRO, Public Medical Devices Company

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