Cohort Development

Cohorts are group coaching and development programs that bring together leaders who share a common experience or development need. These may be based on their organizational role, like Director or senior leader, or a facet of their personal experience, like diverse leaders. While we regularly run these programs within an organization for its mid to senior level leaders, we also offer open-enrollment programs geared toward leaders from multiple organizations – such as our popular programs for Directors and senior women leaders.

Leaders who participate in cohort programs will be: 

  • Better prepared to lead at scale
  • More equipped to inspire action from their teams
  • Able to recognize the dynamics and challenges of being a senior leader
  • Effective communicators of their leadership vision
  • Better able to lead across and influence cross-functionally within their organization
  • More self-aware of their own leadership style

Cohort coaching programs are run as an intimate group to encourage high interactivity and transparency. 

Work with us to develop a customized program specific to your team’s needs or select from one of our popular corporate programs:

Director Program

The Critical Link: Maximizing Success at the Director Level

Directors are experienced leaders, sitting at the nexus of strategy and execution. When they understand how to effectively meet the demands of their role, they can propel your organization forward. When they struggle, however, fissures may form in the cascading of strategy and enterprise-wide collaboration you rely on. Directors are the critical link.

This learning experience hits the challenges of the Director level role head-on. The mix of individual coaching and group learning over time equips leaders to:

  • Define their leadership identity
  • Manage their stakeholder network
  • Focus their time and team on what matters most
  • Engage others with the strategy to drive execution

The benefits to your organization? Accelerated results, a higher functioning enterprise, sustainable leadership bench strength.

Senior Executive Program

Leading with Impact: A Development Experience

It isn’t easy getting to the top of an organization, and it can be a lonely place when leaders “arrive.” It doesn’t get any easier. Executives are expected to align and inspire people in and out of the enterprise who they may never have met. They need to make difficult decisions with minimal information. They’re pulled in many directions, and they may find it hard to find people who will give them candid feedback. As a result, executives crave the opportunity to connect with other leaders at their level, receive feedback that will increase their effectiveness, and build on the leadership capabilities that fueled their career growth.

This learning experience incorporates an assessment, one-on-one coaching, group learning, and peer consulting.  It focuses on:

  • Their personal leadership identity, vision, and impact, which anchor their decisions and actions
  • Communication skills to build trust and mobilize action in people who don’t know them personally
  • Scaling the leadership capability in those who roll up to them

The benefits to your organization? More resilient and focused executives who can lead the enterprise through uncertainty, changing markets, and challenging times.

Leadership Program

Leading Across: A Development Experience for Leaders

Solutions to complex organizational challenges require diversity of thought and a level of partnering that busts the seams of mere collaboration. Your senior leaders already know this. Our research indicates they spend as much as 50 percent of their time leading across the enterprise. Yet most organizations focus almost exclusively on providing the skills and tools leaders need to lead vertically, as managers of managers or teams.  

This learning experience blends individual coaching and group learning, equipping leaders to:

  • Create empathic and productive relationships and earn trust across the enterprise
  • Fuel partnerships that can withstand the strain of competing functional priorities
  • Move with “lateral agility” to lead effectively in all directions demanded by their role

 The benefits to your organization? Faster decisions, increased  innovation, and results-oriented collaboration that cuts through structural silos and conquers ambiguous roles.

Multi-company Public Programs

Offered periodically throughout the year, our virtual programs bring together leaders from different organizations to invest in their self-awareness, expand their capabilities, and strengthen their networks within a community of leaders who share common business challenges or come from a shared lived experience. 

These programs feature the same multimodal learning elements offered through the corporate programs, including: 

  • A series of group virtual sessions focused on skills development
  • 360 leadership assessment
  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching’

Check our events page
for more information about upcoming programs or contact us at to learn more about a custom program for your organization. 

It is impossible to overstate the importance of having the opportunity for these leaders to learn together without having to code-switch, cover or explain themselves.
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