Succession planning consulting: Whether transitioning your company to new leadership or preparing for a liquidity event or strategic exit, succession planning remains a critical activity. If done well, succession planning can be a powerful process to accelerate company growth, reduce costs, and increase leadership diversity. Promoting the right leadership improves organization agility with leaders who effectively lead their teams and seamlessly collaborate across the organization.

We help clients conduct a quick and comprehensive review of each aspect of their organization’s succession process to evaluate its effectiveness and create a roadmap to develop a more robust and diverse leadership pipeline. We partner with clients to understand their current state, evaluate their process against industry best practices, and recommend specific upgrades.

Succession decision support: We assist clients in the development of an objective process to help companies select and prepare the right leaders for high-impact roles.

  • Defining leadership role expectations
  • Rigorous leadership assessment of potential successors
  • Recommended development for key candidates
  • An objective perspective on candidate selection

Succession Planning that works

The keys to a good succession planning process are simplicity, practicality, and clarity. We have developed a simple diagnostic tool to help you gauge the effectiveness of your current succession planning process. By completing the questions, you can evaluate the overall ROI of your succession planning efforts and identify targeted actions to take.

If you have questions about how to use the diagnostic or your individual results, please contact us at

Your work around succession planning opened our board's eyes. It's changed everything.
CEO, Public Retail Company

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