What we Believe

  • In key roles, a leader’s impact is highly amplified, either creating a big upside or significant damage.
  • High-impact leaders and leadership teams bring increased value to their organizations well beyond their individual roles.  
  • Most leaders who advance to a more senior role don’t anticipate how different that role will be until they get there.
  • Stepping into a high-impact role requires new ways of showing up. It’s not just about new skills.
  • Leading laterally (or as we like to say, “leading across”) is now as important for success as leading vertically. 
  • Developing a more diverse leader pipeline requires not only intentional development of individuals, but also updating talent development processes and helping enable the collaborations needed for success.

High-impact leaders
deserve a high-impact approach.

The most effective leaders are skilled at leading teams vertically– leading up and down the organization–and horizontally– leading across teams and functions within and even outside of their organizations. Our researched approach recognizes these related, but different, skillsets. We offer practical and measurable processes to improve individual and team performance, achieving better results in each of these areas.