Kate Shaw

Executive coach and consultant to leaders and organizations who are ready to challenge the status quo


Kate is a creative, and talent is her medium. She inspires people and organizations to think, grow, and act outside the box.

Kate has spent the last 25 years spearheading talent development in companies that have creative disruption in their DNA. She has always been driven by the conviction that the world of work demands reinvention, and that there is nothing more exciting than watching people and teams achieve extraordinary things.

Whether it was at Airbnb, Apple, or Lucasfilm, she was part cultural anthropologist (What is uniquely special about this place and the people who are here? What should we preserve and protect?), and part instigator (What brave conversations do we need to have and what moves do we need to make to unlock what’s next?).

Those who know her well describe her as a visionary who is firmly rooted in reality; a warm-hearted truth-teller; a curious and humble expert; and a bold and compassionate leader.

Her passion lies in driving higher levels of creativity and performance, be it through executive coaching, team facilitation, culture creation, or talent development.


  • Integrated diversity and belonging throughout an organization-wide talent strategy;
  • Designed a culture for sponsorship;
  • Centralized and transformed an executive coaching practice;
  • Crystalised an organizational change narrative to help facilitate a dramatic post-pandemic rebound;
  • Re-wrote the playbook for layoffs to bring dignity, humanity, and kindness to impacted team members;
  • Developed a reflective and action-oriented learning ecosystem;
  • Reimagined the role and development of the manager in transforming an organization from the middle;
  • Developed a powerful, peer-based mentorship and coaching platform to promote organizational connection and employee growth
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