Eric Nehrlich

Helping leaders in a technology-driven world become more conscious and purposeful in their desired impact


Eric’s work with leaders enables them to clarify their vision, identify and break down the mindsets holding them back, and step up to lead their teams in new ways. Eric became a certified coach after twenty years of experience in the tech industry. He is uniquely qualified to help leaders succeed in a world increasingly driven by technology. Leadership is critical to navigate a complex ever-changing world–helping a leader grow from good to remarkable is a powerful intervention that enables huge impact on their team and the organization. Eric draws on his deep technical and operational experience across several startups and Google to quickly develop rapport and a shared understanding of the context in which a leader operates. Eric particularly likes working with leaders that are stuck because “what got you here won’t get you there.” In other words, the mindsets that made them successful during one phase of their career can hold them back from succeeding at the next level. Eric helps leaders navigate those transitions by working with them to consciously direct their time and attention to their unique capabilities and organize the work to leverage their team’s skills. . Eric holds master’s degrees in Technology Management from Columbia, and Physics from Stanford, as well as a bachelor’s degree in Physics from MIT. As a coach, he has trained in Integral Coaching with New Ventures West, as well as the Immunity to Change methodology, and the Leadership Circle Profile 360 assessment.


  • Chief of Staff for Search Ads at Google, leading business strategy and operations for the product team over six years as Search Ads grew to $100B in annual revenue.
  • Senior Financial Analyst at Google responsible for the full picture on Google’s revenue trajectory across products, and representing that view to Google’s leadership team to drive company decisions on investment.
  • Product Manager at Fog Creek Software responsible for driving a major release of the main product, FogBugz, while managing customer service and support as the company tripled in size.
  • Instrument Scientist at MDS Sciex and Signature BioScience, developing the data acquisition and analysis software for an innovative award-running drug discovery instrument.
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