David Rosenheim

Coaching senior leaders to increase ease, connection, and impact


David coaches founders, CEOs, and high potential emerging executives who want to develop their leadership capacity. David is an experienced CEO, mentor, advisor, and coach to leaders who seek to be more at ease and impactful in their work and more deeply connected with those whom they lead. He combines his experience and training as a coach with 20 years as a tech start-up and non-profit CEO to provide leaders with personal development in a business leadership context. David’s clients are often amidst major challenges and transformations: founding companies; raising capital; establishing trust with co-founders and board members; launching new products; building and leading teams; changing roles; and aligning people with strategy to scale impact. His clients appreciate his compassion and honesty as well as his strategic and relational savvy. David is a seasoned CEO and COO in the consumer Internet and sustainability sectors, having led two venture-backed start-ups as well as a prominent energy and climate change-focused NGO. He has deep experience building and leading teams, overseeing all business functions from product to sales, strategic planning, and managing investor and board relations. David was trained and certified as an Integral Coach by New Ventures West. He works holistically with his clients, seeking to develop a range of emotional, relational, somatic, cognitive, and other capacities appropriate to the client’s needs and goals. His clients include those who work in climate-tech, clean energy, healthcare, pharma/biotech, ed-tech, IT, fintech, finance, RE, private equity, enterprise software, early-stage tech, AI, ed-tech, SaaS/cloud, consumer Internet and mobile, social media, legal, media and entertainment, retail, NGOs, sustainability, agriculture, and government sectors.


  • Founding CEO of a PE-backed, SaaS & e-commerce company; coaching focused on scaling up from $1B in revenue to several multiples greater, succession from operating to strategic and M&A role as new professional executive team is recruited and developed.
  • CEO of a VC-backed, health-tech start-up, coaching focused on relationship development and role dynamics for first-time CEO with a technical/MD background as an ICU director.
  • EVP of a major investor-owned utility; coaching focused on enrolling peers, building influence, and developing greater work-life balance.
  • CEO of a global digital media brand; coaching focused on expanding leadership toolbox from driving a turn-around / change management to developing more vulnerability and trust in relationships
  • Designed and facilitated vision, values and strategy offsites for executive teams from a range of organizations.


  • New Ventures West
  • Hogan Assessment
  • Enneagram Prison Project 9P1K
  • MBA, Oxford University
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