Heather Corcoran

Helping leaders develop the adaptability and capabilities needed to succeed in the new world of work


How we work is evolving rapidly. This presents both tremendous challenges for leaders and extraordinary possibilities.  Heather Corcoran is a leadership expert who is committed to helping forward-thinking leaders and organizations develop what they need today and for the road ahead. As a coach, Heather helps managers and leaders grow in ways that support their organizations. She serves as a trusted and committed partner for managing significant business or career changes, leading in complex systems and navigating sticky interpersonal issues. She has been called a CEO whisperer more than once. Heather also consults with CEOs, and HR and Talent leaders to help them build a human-centered workplace that supports learning in service of the organization’s business objectives. Heather holds an MBA from the Yale School of Management and brings 20 years of experience coaching executives and developing learning programs at organizations ranging from Apple, Autodesk, Bain & Company, Point B, Hello Sunshine, Fastly, Genentech, Lucasfilm, The Hewlett Foundation, The Packard Foundation, and Walmart. Heather’s depth and variety of experience allow her to drop into just about any leadership situation, quickly grasp what’s happening and offer creative, strategic recommendations. She is both a systems thinker and someone who dives deep to help leaders develop greater capacity.


  • Coaching leaders in technology, professional services, philanthropic, and entertainment industries on leading in complex systems, building relational intelligence, and managing change. 
  • Assessed and coached a senior technology leader on interpersonal communications and relationship building that led to the leader taking on a new global team of great strategic importance to the company.
  • Designed and facilitated executive team meetings and retreats for the CEO of a philanthropy. Ensured that the issues of highest importance were addressed in a way that deepened trust between team members so they could lead the organization in a more aligned, responsive way.
  • Served as lead consultant to a global tech company to redesign leadership coaching and team facilitation programs to support business transformation.


  • New Ventures West Professional Coach
  • The Leadership Circle Profile
  • Hogan Leadership Assessment Suite
  • Myers-Briggs Type Indicator
  • iEQ9 Integrative Enneagram
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