To fortify leaders’ essential skills for leading effectively through their teams and taking on ever-greater responsibility throughout their careers, while creating positive change in their organizations. The program supports participants to continuously invest in their self-awareness, expand their capabilities, and strengthen their networks within a community of leaders who share common business challenges and experiences.


Leaders will be:

  • Better prepared to lead at scale.
  • More equipped to inspire action of their teams.
  • Able to recognize the dynamics and challenges of being a female senior leader.
  • Effective communicators of their leadership vision.
  • Better able to influence cross-functionally.
  • More self-aware of their own leadership style.
  • Supported by a wider professional network by networking with talent outside their organization.


Women leaders in Director, Senior Director or VP positions who are interested in accelerating their career progress.

What People Are Saying

There are so many different ways that this program offers to help provide guidance. With dedication and commitment to improve oneself, this program has the ability to take someone to the next level as an individual and leader.

Tech Industry Sr. Director

This program will hold up a mirror to show you who you are as a leader and give you the tools to be the leader you want to be.

Tech Industry Director


Kick Off:
Welcome & Introduction

Session 1:
Building self-awareness and leading with purpose and vision

Session 2:
Learn successful decision-making styles for senior leaders

Session 3:
Intentionally managing key relationships to achieve strategic priorities

Session 4:
Building trust, speaking with clarity, and inspiring others to act

Program Format

  • 4-month cohort-based program composed of senior women leaders. Enables ongoing dialogue and peer coaching.
  • Maximum of 18 participants for highest interactivity.
  • Multiple individual and small group coaching sessions for guidance and support on individual development priorities, career goals, and integration of cohort learning topics.
  • Highly engaging virtual format.
  • Five cohort sessions with regular communication and assignments between sessions.
  • 360 assessment based on the requirements for high-impact senior roles.

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